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I Am “Most Girls”


I heard some of my favorite bands and artists came out with new music. So, I did what I usually do: went on Spotify, searched Hailee Steinfeld and Fall Out Boy, and found out they came out with new music. Since I am shamelessly obsessed with Hailee Steinfeld since she came out with “Love Myself” on the radio, I looked her up first and came across her new single “Most Girls.”

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My Reaction and Feelings towards “13 Reasons Why”


Many of people know about the new series that Netflix came out with a couple weeks ago, 13 Reasons Why. This show addresses heavy topics such as rape, bullying at schools, severe depression, and suicide when seventeen year old Hannah Baker leaves behind 13 tapes telling the story of her life and why she ended it to the people that caused her to end her life. Coming from someone who does not have severe depression but know people who lived similarly to Hannah, I had a lot of emotions and thoughts after I watched the show.

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