My Top 10 Favorite Authors series (Part 2)

As promised, I would continue my post series about my top 10 favorite authors that inspired me to find my career in writing. These writers are amazing at what they do. They either got me to put down my phone and do something else or they had me see the world in a whole other perspective than my own with their in depth characters and other worlds.

3. Beth Revis, Author of the Across the Universe series and the Body Electric novel.


I started Revis’s Across the Universe series when I was a sophomore in high school. I simply remember seeing the beautiful cover of the book on the shelf of Borders bookstore. (Yes, I am forever bitter that Borders went out of business.) I picked it up and bought it. I needed a reading book because it was MCAS week and I made the mistake of finishing early and having nothing to do for the rest of the time people were finishing the test. So, I brought this book to school and when I finished early, I began to read it and I was so blown away with her science fiction world.


Book one of this novel tells the story of red headed, green eyed 17 year old girl Amy who goes along with her parents on this ship Godspeed and cryogenically frozen for about 300 years into the future on the quest to find a second Earth. Then the chapters jumps to 300 years into the future to “shipborn” 16 year old Elder, being next in line to rule the people on the ship. He discovers the cryogenically frozen people and finds Amy “unplugged” and melting in her box. The story goes back in forth with the two perspectives and explores themes of being different, the importance of nature, the vastness of outer space, and the idea of expressing love through action and not through words.

I ate this story up and had to wait for book two and book three. My favorite character was Elder for his innocence and strength throughout the novel. He made me laugh at moments and had me inspired because he was practically the only one that did not treat Amy like a freak on the ship. This series pulled on my heart strings and had me crying at times, screaming in anger at other times, and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

22642971This is a great read for people who love science fiction. Beth Revis is an amazing author and answered my questions I sent her on Tumblr. It was pretty surreal. Her self-published novel Body Electric, is a story about cyborgs and humans in Italy after a horrible war. It is a story that had me get over my fear of bees, with having it be the rebellion’s symbol. (I have a deathly fear of bees). Her unique story was very inspiring and grotesque in ways when she goes into great details of bees burrowing into the main character’s whole body during one of their hallucinations. (That scene still gives me nightmares to this day.)

I was so inspired by Beth Revis because she got me out of my comfort zone of YA fantasy fiction and got me into YA science fiction. I was never into science fiction before, so her books have a very special place in my heart. One of these days I will attempt at writing science fiction and want Beth Revis to read it. Her writing is so well written and her worlds are so well developed that it feels real especially when she uses outer space as her setting. Revis will be forever a favorite author of mine.

Because Beth Revis is so awesome, I am dedicating an entire blog post about her. In Part 3 I will write about three more authors.

Writer’s Playlist Song of the Day: “No Promises” by Cheat Codes (Feat. Demi Lovato) I was playing this song on repeat the entire time I wrote this blog post. 


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